Here’s a list of some software projects I’ve done over the years, going back as far as early highschool, and ending right around the time I started grad school… (coincidence? definitely not.) Most were completed for various class requirements, including the game development classes at Case, but Budget It Yourself was actually for an app competition. In general, these are the ones I had the most fun with.

A Platypus Tale (2011) – 2D platformer about a platypus!
Black Out! (2007) – 2D puzzle game based on Lights Out
Breakout Pong  (2006) – 2D mashup of Pong and Breakout
Budget It Yourself (2012) – Android app developed for DOE competition
Kalotai (2010) – 2D Android game, Pokemon-style, GPS-enabled
Nova Flux (2010)– 2D shooter, space themed
XML Level Editor (2011)– Tool for generating levels for A Platypus Tale
Zealous Zephyr (2009)– 2D tycoon game about wind energy